Xtabay Seller’s Guide

Please email photos of items you are hoping to sell to xtabayvintage@gmail.com

A drop-off appointment is preferred but not required on days that our boutique is open. If you are coming into the store to sell please first read & consider the following: 

  • Please limit items to approximately one ikea size bag. We are a small boutique and have very limited space. If you have a larger buy or information about an estate, please email us. 
  • Please try to limit your drop-off time to 5-10 mins - our sales associates must prioritize our shoppers' needs. In some cases, sellers may be asked to wait until they are finished with a customer before they are able to assist you. If you have information you would like to share with us about your buy, please share that information with us via email or write it on your seller slip.
  • Please do not sell items you are bringing into the Xtabay to customers who are shopping in the store or in front of the store.
  • We do not offer trades or store credit and we do not do buys in the boutique space. Buys are done personally by the owner at a later time during the work week. We buy items outright or we offer consignment on a case-by-case basis. Consignment is typically reserved for higher end items. 
  • Please allow items to stay with us for a minimum of one week while we review everything. Items will be available for pick-up in store the following weekend.
  • When we have finished your buy, we will contact you via email. Please do not call the shop to inquire about the status of your buy.
  • We professionally dry clean and repair all items. These expenses factor into our prices. We will not reimburse for any cleaning services done prior to selling with us.  
  • Our prices are based on a wholesale rate and the overall condition of the garment. 

 Xtabay Vintage Seller Contract & Agreement

By selling with Xtabay Vintage I agree to the following terms & conditions:

All items are subject to a one week minimum hold period where we will review each item. When we are finished with your buy we will respond to sellers via email with an itemized list of the pieces we are interested in taking and our total offer. Items will be available for pick-up in store the following week. Please do not call the shop to inquire about the status of your buy. 

We are not responsible for damage while assessing items.

Items left with us for 90 days are considered forfeited property. 

We pay with checks only, you can arrange to pick-up in the store or we can mail it to you. 

Consignment is reserved for special pieces and is offered on a case-by-case basis. Our consignment rate is 50% of what we sell the item for after it sells. We payout consignors on the 15th of every month after the item sells. We cannot provide an upfront exact price or a time that we will sell the item.